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Commonly known as ‘botox’, botulinum toxin is the UK’s most popular cosmetic treatment to combat lines and wrinkles. We use UK sourced Botox and Azzalure to relax facial muscles, softening the lines to give a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. Following an initial consultation, a treatment takes around 30 minutes. Prices are inclusive of initial consultation, treatment and follow up appointment two weeks later.

One area – treating either your frown lines, forehead or crows feet £210

Two areas – treating either your forehead and frown lines together or your crows feet and frown lines together £260

Three areas – treating all your upper facial lines: frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines £300

Lipstick lines (smoker’s lines) – treating the lines above the top lip £145

Bunny lines – treating the lines than cause your nose to wrinkle £145

Downturned mouth – treating the muscles that pull the corners of your mouth downwards £145

Chin pebbling – treating the muscles that cause your chin to wrinkle and dimple £145

Gummy smile – reducing how much gum shows when you smile £145

Nefertiti neck lift – redefines the jawline, giving an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw area, smoothing the neck and reducing any sag £360

Platysmal neck bands- reduces the vertical bands and ‘turkey neck’ appearance £200-£300

Horizonal neck lines- softening the lines that run across the horizontal plane of your neck £250

Excessive sweating – treatment to significantly reduce underarm sweating £430

Additional areas – each additional area when treating upper face lines £50

*Prices as of 30/12/2022